Startup bootcamp for enterprises

Introduce your teams to the tools, techniques and approaches to "lean" in the corporate environment

One or Two Day Program Custom Designed for You

Agile Techniques and Tools

Mini Sharktank without the Sharks


This is a rapid introduction to the terms, techniques and methods used by startups. Participants how to:

  • Create and critique a lean or shared value business model canvas
  • Distinguish between a good idea and a problem worth solving
  • Articulate and pitch their business innovation
  • Speak the language of startups and deliver value within a corporate setting.

And sometimes we even arrange for a special guest to judge your teams’ pitches.


On day two we go deeper into the process, designing and validating market and product experiments, pitching and re-pitching, buyer personas, analytics and growth hacking for beginners. Round out the day pitching your innovation live on the web. It’s like a mini shark tank but in a safer environment.

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