Shift Mindsets

Board and leadership training is essential to the health and governance of your organisation.

We help boards and executive leadership teams to come to terms with innovation.

Equipping leadership teams with the innovation skills needed to battle impending disruption

We bring boards or executive leadership teams together to analyse corporate responsibilities and explore ways to measure innovation priorities and risk tolerances. We help you achieve consensus around organisational priorities for innovation projects.

Reconciling Risk with Responsibility

Our innovation assessment model helps prioritise innovation projects for investment, based on your risk tolerance and profile of the organisation. We help you design and schedule innovation projects that align with strategic objectives.

Rethinking Board/Management Practice

Redesign your board and leadership meetings to capitalise on the skills and networks of leaders, without compromising responsible governance.

Care, diligence and change

Innovation Strategy

Align innovation with organisational strategy and the review cycles for innovation practices.

Goals and Incentives

Setting criteria for achievement of innovation objectives and recognition for realisation.


Considering the business case for innovation projects through the lens of a Disruptor’s Canvas.


Communicating the innovation agenda, and being transparent around progress and processes.

Over 2 days, boards or executive leadership teams come together to review responsibilities and explore threats and opportunities. What emerges is an innovation agenda which taps into their strengths.

Once an innovation agenda has been set, we can also advise organisations on innovation prototyping through the vehicle of a hackathon, or within an organisational innovation accelerator program.

Find out more about Disruptor’s Handbook Hackathons and our TxRx Accelerator  offerings that help to bring your organisational innovation plans to life.

Leadership-led innovation

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