Innovation Change Management

Communications driven change accelerates time to value for your digital transformation and innovation change management programs. 

Helping organisations understand and adapt to change

We work with you to determine the reach and touchpoints of innovation programs through stakeholder mapping, and we develop training and knowledge bases to communicate the value of change.

Stakeholder mapping

We undertake extensive stakeholder mapping exercises to determine the communication and training needs of all personnel affected by change, and we identify appropriate permissions for accessing technology-based control systems.  

Communication and Training

We design and deliver training for various stakeholders, ensuring minimum impact on day-to-day activities while maximising understanding of new interfaces and duties.

Reporting Change

We develop reports and visualisations to communicate change progress and to reinforce the value of change to the organisation and its stakeholders.

Easing change acceptance through appreciation of benefits


Maps of innovation change journeys that help communicate progress.

Communications schedules

Aligned with regular communication practices, to maximise reach.

Hybrid learning

eLearning, webinar and face-to-face training programs that meet individual needs.

Excellence in reporting

Gaining acceptance through comprehensive and coherent reports

For the duration of your innovation change journey, we will partner with you to secure outstanding benefits from innovation.

Innovation change management will usually need the support of your Board, and executive leadership teams. Check out our Shift Mindsets workshops to ensure that your leadership teams are along for the ride.

And you can also find out more about Disruptor’s Handbook Hackathons and our TxRx Accelerator offerings that help to bring your organisational innovation plans to life.

Deliver change

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