TxRx Accelerator

Most entrepreneurs make a product and then seek a market (product-market fit).

We do the opposite.

We find or create markets and then generate startups to serve and grow businesses.

We connect industry and government with disruptors who are shaping the future


Students, startups, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and scalable businesses


Rapid prototyping and design thinking approaches to match industry challenges with talent, teams and tech.


Industry & Government

Business sectors, government and NGOs needing to solve intractable problems

TxRx is unique because it fuses together corporates, government departments and NGOs with startups, students and entrepreneurs who have innovative, out-of-the-box, market creating technology and products.

When you work with Disruptor’s Handbook, we help you reduce the risk of innovation failure by mapping your challenges, preparing your board, leadership and teams for agile opportunities and tap the innovation of startups to drive commercial outcomes that align to your strategy.

Start or Scale Accelerators


A 12 week intensive program for startups –  entrepreneur driven businesses with high growth potential.


A 12 week program designed for businesses ready to scale.

TxRx knowledge transfer

  • Learn by doing as we work closely with your teams and our handbooks
  • Establish your own accelerator as a startup in its own right
  • We collaborate with startup mentors and your subject matter experts
  • Transition skills, techniques and processes to create a culture of innovation.

We believe that entrepreneurs can solve the world’s toughest business and social problems in health and wellbeing, resource efficiency, education and economic empowerment.


Developing the entrepreneurial mindset

  • Innovative toolset built on 20 year study of highly successful entrepreneurs and business builders
  • Quickly and reliably benchmark individuals and teams against local and global populations
  • Team based skills assessment and support platform
  • Identify and measure capability change


Co-designed to deliver outcomes

  • Co-designed with your leadership to drive sutainable outcomes
  • Establish innovation and service design language and visuals across your team
  • Leverage tools and methods to create repeatable and scalable innovation processes


Proprietary language and tools

  • Build “agile” capacity and confidence in your teams
  • Create an innovation language within your organisation that captures your unique approach
  • Provide immersive experience in agile tools, terminology and methods
  • Develop tools that embody the design language and commercial expectations of your organisation

Accelerator and Incubator Portfolio


Sextech Accelerator

Our Singapore-based accelerator has been designed specifically for the Sextech industry. The winners of our Singapore Sextech Hackathon, which was run in collaboration with The Future of Sex.org in May 2018, have been entered into this accelerator to establish and build their start-ups.


Stitch-Hub Accelerator

Our Stitch-Hub Accelerator has been designed in collaboration with New Horizons, an NGO and Australia’s oldest social enterprise. The Accelerator holds the winner of New Horizons’ pitchfest, called Stitch-Hub.



The world’s first wellbeing social enterprise incubator and accelerator, operating in collaboration with New Horizons, a Not-For-Profit focused on disability, aged care and mental health, with three cohorts between October 2018-June 2019. To find out more, visit our website.


Let’s Innovate Together

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