We facilitate the best hackathons in Australia.

We tackle corporate, social impact, policy and industry challenges.

Changing the world and its organisations through co-creation

We work with you to design a hackathon that dives into the heart of your business, social, tech or industry challenges. We work with you every step of the way to create an impactful and catalysing event that delivers the outcomes you seek.


We unearth and clarify problems worth solving for complex organisations and industries using our Problems Worth Solving toolkit.


We run a pre-hack with your stakeholders and partners to focus the attention, capability and expertise of your network on the challenges ahead.



Our expert facilitators and mentors guide participants through the hack process – coaching, coaxing and challenging teams to achieve amazing outcomes.

Tapping the startup ecosystem


Coders, programmers, developers, makers – the hackers are the ones who build the solutions.


Great designers take the ideas to a whole new level. Hipsters bring their design, front-end and UX skills expertise to every solution.


It’s the hustler’s job to develop the business, validate the model and sell the vision.


The subject matter expert brings the human focus to the solution. Their industry expertise can be the core of your competitive advantage.

Usually around 48 hours in duration (one weekend), hackathons bring strangers together around a single, shared purpose. They encourage participants to use their skills and expertise to develop new concepts and then to pitch these to a panel of judges for investment or prizes.

We run dozens of hackathons every year. By framing the challenges and co-designing the experience with your subject matter experts and mentors, we can ensure that investable solutions are developed and supported by your corporate champions.

Hackathons are just the catalyst of your innovation journey. Find out more about our TxRx Accelerator to take the hackathon solutions to a whole new level.

Let’s Hack Together

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