What is the future of marketing – is it innovation? Is it the other way around? We believe it’s both as Gavin Heaton explains on the Echo Junction podcast.

Since the Echo Junction podcast began back in 2015, I have been a huge fan. Not only does founder, Adam Fraser, seek out interesting guests from around the world and some challenging topics, he does so from his offices right here in Sydney.

Not only am I a fan, but I have also been lucky to have been featured on a number of episodes now. And in a way, the different focuses of our conversations reflect the changes in the way that Disruptors operates and the markets and clients we serve.

In this recent episode, we talk through the changes that have impacted enterprises and government in terms of digital transformation. We touch, of course, on social and digital media – but largely with a view towards its impact on marketing and technology.

But most interestingly for me, we explore in greater detail, the notion of “business readiness” – when it comes to transformation and innovation.

We look at how “agile” applies to marketing, technology, and how new products, mindsets and future-ready organisations can be accelerated using startup approaches – while also managing the risk and governance required by large enterprises and government.

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