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Your hands-on guide to digital disruption
Disruptor's Handbooks - Practical Guides to Disruptive Innovation
Do you see the opportunity in disruptive technologies and business models? Or do you see disruption on your business horizon and don’t know where to start? Our eBook series may be just what you are looking for. The Disruptor’s Handbooks step you through the practicalities of disruptive innovation in four distinct phases. Four phases of disruptive innovation maturity Organisations and individuals wanting to innovate (or disrupt an existing industry) tend to need differing approaches based on the maturity of their innovation cycle.¬†We call this the “Roadmap of Roadmaps”:

  1. GSD РGetting stuff done: they say that actions speak louder than words Рand when it comes to innovation, talk really is cheap. But where do you start and what do you do? GSD provides you with the information you need to get stuff done, quickly.
  2. DRT – Doing the right things: there are some things that just need to be done to get the ball rolling. But once the ball is rolling you need to ask yourself the question, “are we doing the right things?”. DRT leads you on the next phase of your innovation journey.
  3. GSF – Getting smarter faster: just because you’ve been innovating, it doesn’t mean you can afford to rest on your laurels. Now is the time to double down and accelerate your successes.
  4. GSG – Gaining scale gracefully: no one likes an ugly success story. The future of innovation is not just about what you’ve done but the impact you’ve had and the legacy you leave.

Handbooks available

We are about half way through our program of handbooks for disruptors – with 18 being actively trialled through client and project work, and another 20 in the pipeline. Be sure to contact us to learn more – or follow us on Twitter.