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Do you want to make the world a better place, but don’t really know how? Well good news, there’s a hack for that! The first of two Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) this year will kick off in Brisbane over the weekend (3-4 March) with the aim of connecting the hacking community with social, not for profit organisations to help solve real world problems. It’s a great event for those who want to meet other innovative thinkers and are passionate about using technology to make a positive change.

The Big List of Hackathons

Last updated: 20 February 2018. This big list of Hackathons in Australia is your ready-made list collating all the activities taking place in Australia. If you are hosting an innovation event or hackathon, enter the details in the form below to be included in our list.

Here are some events to add to your diary:

February 2018

  • Digital Tribes (Global/online, 16-23 February) – Disruptive technology in the resource sector.
  • Budding Tech (Ultimo, 23 February) – Australia’s first medical cannabis hackathon.
  • Global Legal Hackathon (Clayton & Sydney, 23-25 February) – Rapidly developing solutions for improving the legal industry world wide. Held at Monash University (VIC) and UNSW (NSW).
  • Komatsu: Transform Mining  (Brisbane, 23-25 February) – For startups & entrepreneurs with impactful technologies that could transform mining.
  • Makers: Playful Arts (Surry Hills, 23-25 February) – An innovation and incubation program run by No Moss Co. focused on designing, creating and making soulful games.
  • WaterHack (Brisbane, 23-25 February)A hackathon that combines water and technology to tackle topics including Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Blockchain and sustainability.
  • Crypto Finder Hackathon (Sydney, 24 February) – Coders and blockchain enthusiasts are encouraged to come along and find ways to leverage blockchain technologies to help people make even better decisions on Finder.com.au.
  • Cultov8 Hackathon (Sunshine, 24-25 February) – Accelerate your startup.

March 2018

  • AgriHack (Wagga Wagga, 1-2 March) – A two day Hackathon held at Charles Sturt University’s Wagga Wagga Campus that focuses on building solutions to some key challenges faced by the agriculture sector.
  • Startup Weekend Melbourne (2-4 March, Melbourne) – A 54-Hour event bringing together non-technical and technical talent to build amazing things in one weekend. During the event, you will meet, network, and learn from Melbourne’s successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, and experience being part of the booming startup scene.
  • Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK)  (Brisbane, 3-4 March) – The purpose of this event is to connect the hacking community with social, not for profit organisations to help solve a real world problem over a weekend! This is a two day Hackathon which we hold twice a year. We find the little guys who are trying to make a difference in the community, who need the help of IT professionals, then over the weekend hack away to design and develop a solution that they can walk away with. It’s allot of fun, great for networking and an awesome way to help out community!
  • Cultov8 Hackathon (Dandenong, 3-4 March) – Accelerate your startup.
  • Hack@LAK (Sydney, 5-9 March) – Hacking education through novel data sources, standards and infrastructure.
  • Global Service Jam Melbourne 2018 (Melbourne, 9-11 March) – Explore and experience Design Thinking. Teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme that will be announced on the first night of the event.
  • Honey Hackathon (Perth, 9-11 March) – A chance to think differently about how we use, promote, distribute and store honey.
  • Hack the Canon: Women in Design Wikipedia-edit-a-thon (Sydenham, 10 March) – Empowering female editors through a social wiki-a-thon.
  • Wise Hacks Melbourne (Richmond, 16-18 March) – Finding creative solutions to the City of Yarra’s Urban Connectivity issues.
  • CleanTech Women Hack: Changing behaviours for a cleaner energy future (23-24 March) – Teams formulate and present a product or service that will radically change the way people consume or produce energy. Anyone is invited to participate but all teams must have a female leader.
  • Future of Sex Hackathon (Brisbane, 23-25 March) – Register for Australia’s first sextech hackathon.
  • CongestionHack 2018 (Sydney, 23-25 March) – An open data hackathon to reduce congestion in Sydney. Open for members of the public and Internal for those teams with a least one member from the wider Transport for NSW cluster.
  • Heard Blog Hackathon (Brisbane, 24 March) – Helping those with health related issues ensure their voice is heard.

April 2018

  • 2018 Tanda Hackathon (Brisbane, 20-21 April) – A hackathon focused on improving employee experience. All proceeds from ticket sales go to IT and programming clubs at local universities.
  • Incubate Hackathon (Docklands, 21-22 April) – The first ever African Australian Socialpreneurship Hackathon. For people 18-30 years old.
  • ANZICS Critical Care Datathon (Sydney, 28-29 April) – A fun, creative and innovative event that brings together experts and novices to learn more about data and discover knowledge. Free to attend and held at The University of Sydney.
  • Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) Hackathon (Fortitude Valley, 28-29 April) – The first ARRB Hackathon will focus on Smart Roads.
  • Tech Truck Hackathon, Location & date TBC – Hacking driver fatigue in the transport industry.

May 2018

  •  Techfugees Adelaide Hackathon 2018 (Adelaide, 25-27 May) – Bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, business minds and community members to develop creative solutions that focus on improving the lives of refugee families in Australia.

June 2018

  •  IoT Cup (Melbourne, 2-5 June) – Develop innovations that will change how physical objects exchange data in a connected world.

July 2018


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Past events include:

February 2018

  • Migrathon (North Sydney, 2 February) – A students only hackathon to change the world.
  • EnergyLab (Brisbane, 3 February) – Cleantech hackathon.
  • EnergyLab Canberra Smart Energy Hackathon (Canberra, 9-10 February) – Cleantech hackathon.
  • Fishackathon (Melbourne, 10-11 February) – Sustainable fishing and aquaculture hackathon.
  • Hackastron Sky Mining – (Perth, 16-18 February) – Real life astronomy challenges using Big Data.
  • ncoss Hack4MentalHealth by Vibewire (Sydney, 16-18 February) – A social impact hackathon, bringing tech and innovation to the challenges of mental health and wellbeing.
  • Sydney Women Startup Weekend (Sydney, 16-18 February) – In 54 hours, create a social impact startup. Hosted by UTS as part of the Techstars global movement, supported by Google for Entrepreneurs.
  • Cultov8 Hackathon (Broadmeadows, 17-18 February) – Accelerate your startup.

January 2018

  • NEM Global Hackathon (Global, 1 January) – A crypto-epic – 4-week – competition that aims to tackle real-world problems unleashing all the potential of NEM Smart Asset blockchain.
  • Initiate 48 (Sydney, 19-21 January) – Hackathon for high school students teaching you how to build your own startup in 48 hours.

December 2017

  • The Freelancer API Hackathon (Sydney, 1-2 December) – Leverage the Freelancer.com platform to create new applications.
  • Makers (Sydney, 1-3 December) – Makers promote mental health awareness and support training.
  • Blushbox Symposium  (Byron Bay, 1-3 December) – A three day symposium on love, sex and games.
  • NCOSS Hack4DV (Sydney, 8-10 December) – Vibewire and NSW Council of Social Services turn their attention to hacking family and domestic violence.

November 2017

  • MPID Transport Hackathon (Sydney, 2-3 November) – Challenges will focus on mobility and connectivity in Macquarie Park, with a lens towards flexible working, the night-time economy, sustainable transport, community activities, last mile transport, asset-sharing, talent-sharing, and other areas to help reduce congestion.
  • OpenStack Hackathon (Sydney, 3-5 November) – Australia’s first OpenStack Cloud Application Hackathon: This is a 3 day community driven event where participants are invited to hack up the stack and create the best cloud application using the worlds leading open cloud platform.
  • MoHack (VIC, 11 November) – Vote one of the most innovative NFPs in Australia, the Movember Foundation champions innovation at a grassroots level to help stop men dying too young.
  • Arts/Screen Hackathon (Sydney, 11-12 November) – Arts/Screen Hackathon is a two-day event exploring and generating ideas to increase Australian screen content that is inspired by the arts.
  • Global Startup Hackathon (Brisbane, 17-19 November) – Startup Weekend is your chance to collaborate and get involved with a group of motivated individuals hell-bent on disrupting their industry of choice.
  • Data Driven Hackathon (Melbourne,18-19 November) – We bring together the analysts, data scientists, business analysts, visualisation specialists as well as business users from every function and as in business, we believe that diversity creates more value. Really important part of this is education and talent cultivation so in this event 20% of registrations is allocated students who can in this way receive mentorship from the best and most passionate professionals in the field.
  • Future Cities Hackathon (Sydney, 23-24 November) – As emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain, the internet of things, autonomous electric vehicles, augmented and virtual reality become mainstream, there is a growing opportunity to channel these developments for transformative social and environmental impact.
  • BAC Hackathon (Brisbane, 24-26 November) – Tackling today’s most pressing movement challenges calls for the combined efforts of Brisbane’s most creative and innovative thinkers.
  • Blockathon (Sydney, 24-27 November) –  Blockathon is a crypto-epic | 72 hours | decentralised competition that aims to tackle real world problems unleashing all the potential of blockchain technology. Built specially for cypherpunks, hardcore developers, crypto investors and all the blockchain pioneers.

October 2017

  • Urban Utilities Water Startup Hackathon (Ipswitch, 20-22 October) – From source to treatment, your water travels through a vast network of pipes and infrastructure.  These systems are becoming smarter and producing more data than ever through automation, predictive technology, and IoT (internet of things) devices. Customers also have access to more information than ever, allowing them to make better decisions on how they use water.
  • Initiate 48 (Sydney, 20-22 October) – Initiate 48 enables you to figure out who you are, what you enjoy and how you want to live your life.
  • SmartCities Hackathon (Melbourne, 20-22 October) – In 2017 The Blockchain Association of Australia is hosting the SmartCitiesHack Melbourne hackathon. SmartCitiesHack Melbourne brings together the brightest minds to develop innovative solutions, utilising IOT, Blockchain and Big Data to introduce smart technology to solve real world problems, in one of Australia’s largest cities.
  • Energy Hack (Brisbane, 20-22 October) – It’s the second year we have brought together a community of hackers, hustlers and hipsters – determined to harness the consumer and technology revolution in energy.
  • HackFest (Brisbane, 24-26 October) – To ‘hack’ is to take something and make it ‘better’. To help make the Sunshine Coast a healthier, smarter and more creative region, council hosts an annual HackFest competition.
  • Tanda Hackathon (Brisbane 27 October) – The winner of the hackathon is whoever builds the coolest thing. This is a bit different to other kinds of events which might focus on entrepreneurship, or on creating solutions to specific problems. At a Tanda hackathon you can build anything you like, as long as it interacts with one of our APIs in some way.
  • Big Data Big Heart (Brisbane, 27-29 October) – Calling all changemakers, automation evangelists, big data architects, developers, humanists, students, and artists – let’s get together to create something greater than the sum of our parts!
  • NAB SME Hackathon (Queensland, 27-29 October) – How can you use APIs from Australia’s largest business bank, NAB, and other 3rd parties to help?

September 2017

  • AgInnovation (La Trobe University, 1-2 September) – Agribusiness need to do more with less water. Water infrastructure is changing, so to is the environment and climate. Using IOT & digital tech, work on some agribusiness problems with Central Victorians.
  • Future Workplace Hack (Melbourne, 4-5 September) –  Redefine the future workplace.
  • FutureDrone (Gatton, 8 September) – An action packed, energy infused weekend of exploration, innovation, discovery and creation resulting in potentially “new innovative companies” based around drone tech or services.
  • UHack Innovate Tasmania (Hobart, 8-10 September) – UHack is a university hackathon held at University of Tasmania run by students and staff for the students and public innovators. The research themes are environment, resource and sustainability, creativity, culture and society, better health, marine, antarctic and maritime, data, knowledge and decisions.
  • Hack4Homelessness (Ultimo, 15-17 September) – Help Vibewire tackle the challenges of homelessness.
  • HealthTech Solvathon (Newcastle, 15 September) – This Solvathon focuses on how to transform palliative and end of Life Care, chronic disease management and better mental health conditions and connectedness.
  • Global Goals Jam (Melbourne, 15-17 September) – A two and a half day hackathon focusing mainly on resources and the city.
  • TadHack Sydney (Sydney, 23-24 September) – Learn, share, code and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications.
  • TadHack Brisbane (Brisbane, 23-24 September) – Learn, share, code and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications.
  • TadHack Melbourne (Melbourne, 23-24 September) – Learn, share, code and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications.
  • Hack for Humanity (Bendigo, 25-26 September) – Addressing issues that exist within the Emergency Services and Disaster Management space, we will be bringing together teams to provide solutions to current challenges faced. Whether you’re an engineer, software developer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, marketer, student, or from any other discipline, this event is for those interested in developing solutions, creating networks and building capacity.
  • SHACK – A family hackathon (Melbourne, 25-26 September) – Bring your family along and turn your ideas into reality.
  • Quantify (Monash University, September 31-1 October) – You’ll be given some carefully selected data sets for the purpose of turning data into useful information.

August 2017

  • Assistive Devices Hackathon (Toowoomba, 4-6 August) – Part of the Queensland Government making marathons.
  • Disrupting Law (Brisbane, 4 August) – 54-hour hackathon / design jam for tertiary students focused on finding new opportunities in the legal industry.
  • Carbon Footprint Hackathon (Footscray, 5 August) – Tackling your carbon footprint one step at a time.
  • UNIHACK Melbourne 2017 (Melbourne, 5-6 August) – 24 hours to build anything – a website, a mobile application, a video game, or even something hardware.
  • Peninsula Hack (Frankston, 11 August) – Part of the Mornington Peninsula’s entrepreneurship and technology festival.
  • Assistive Devices Hackathon (Townsville, 18-20 August) – Part of the Queensland Government making marathons.
  • CUA Hackathon (Brisbane, 18 August) – Got an innovative digital solution that resonates with millennials? CUA wants to hear from you.
  • UNIHACK Sydney 2017 (Sydney, 19-20 August) – Teams have 24 hours to design and build something awesome.
  • Unearthed Sydney (Sydney, 25-27 August) – Develop prototype technology solutions to resource challenges.
  • WestHack (Maribyrnong, 28 August) – Get started with a new startup venture.

July 2017

  • Melbourne Business Analytics Datathon (Melbourne, 1-2 July) – The Melbourne Business School’s ‘Business Analytics Datathon’ with $25,000 prize money is aimed at showcasing how advanced analytics can ‘Transform decision making’ using SAS analytics software and Data Republic’s data sharing platform.
  • SheHacks (Melbourne, 14-16 July) – The world’s largest all-women hackathon.
  • CityHack17 (Brisbane, 14-16 July) – Get moving and have a positive impact on the future of Brisbane.
  • Hacking Health (QUT, 26 July) – An opportunity to explore what’s possible in a connected health system.
  • GovHack (Locations various, 28-30 July) – The annual open data competition.

June 2017

  • MNIT Hackathon (Brisbane, 2 June) – Metro North IT are hosting a Frail and Elderly Hackathon.
  • Homelessness Hackathon (South Brisbane, 2-4 June) – Hackathon to develop long-term and sustainable solutions to the problems facing homeless people.
  • VR Hackathon (Brisbane, 2-4 June) – Use virtual reality and related technologies to develop innovative hardware and software solutions.
  • IoTCup 2017 (Melbourne, 3-4 June) – The inaugural IoTCup is a fun, innovative competition for the best and brightest university students, academics and professionals from Australia and New Zealand to showcase their creativity, technology expertise and passion for business innovation in the Internet of Things.
  • ConnectHack (Mulgrave, 6 June) – Uncover the possibilities and potential of Business ICT and internet connectivity in South East Melbourne business precincts.
  • LakeMacHack (Charlestown, 16-18 June) – Talented local teams will double down on key local transport challenges that need some applied thinking, innovation skills and fresh approaches.
  • Startup Weekend Toowoomba (Toowoomba, 16-18 June) – A hackathon focused on science tourism. Explore how tourism products can increase science engagement and realise economic benefit through enhanced STEM content in existing and new products.
  • Random Hacks of Kindness (Melbourne, 17-18 June) – Individuals and groups from around Australia will be joining in to hack for humanity at the RHoK Winter Hackathon 2017.
  • Planet Saving Technology, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (Sydney, 23 June) – Less a hackathon – more of a forum for discussion. Promises to be interesting.
  • Global VR Hackathon (Melbourne, 23-25 June) – Includes a pre-event workshop to get you up to speed with VR.

May 2017

  • BudgetHack (Melbourne, 3-17 May) – Code For Australia are hosting a hackathon to explore different ways to present and make sense of the state budget information.
  • Telstra Innovation Challenge (Melbourne, 6-13 May) – Solve some of the largest problems that Australian agriculture faces.
  • Smart Cities Hackathon (Sydney, 8-9 May) – Schneider Electric is inviting the next generation of movers and shakers to participate in building smarter cities.
  • The Smith Family Hackathon (Sydney, 11-12 May) – The Smith Family take their long-standing partnerships with Corporate Australia to the next level.
  • #RegHack DownUnder (Melbourne, 12-14 May) – Hackathon to help solve regulatory issues in the Financial Services and the Energy Sector in Australia.
  • AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Brsibane (Brisbane, 13-14 May) – Hackathon that is not limited to one theme or challenge and is open to any ideas.
  • GovJam Melbourne (Melbourne, 16-18 May) – Build new and novel products and services in the pursuit of better, human-centred government interactions and public services.
  • MNIT Hackathon Planning Session (Brisbane, 18 May) – Get ready and submit ideas for the Metro North IT’s Frail and Elderly Hackathon.

April 2017

  • #SheHacksVIC Warragul Bootcamp (1 April) – Prepare for the world’s largest all-female hackathon by learning the fundamental skills required to build a startup.
  • #SheHacksVIC Bendigo Bootcamp (9 April) – Prepare for the world’s largest all-female hackathon by learning the fundamental skills required to build a startup.
  • #SheHacksVIC Warrnambool Bootcamp (10 April) – Prepare for the world’s largest all-female hackathon by learning the fundamental skills required to build a startup.
  • Melbourne Datathon (Melbourne, 13 April-5 May) – Learning and knowledge transfer – with access to secret data.
  • Writally Bloghackathon (Spring Hill, 18 April) – Aim to show you how to create an original blog post in record time, and empower you to publish so you can reach your potential customers with ease, build your authority, and gain a competitive edge.
  • Unearthed Brisbane (Brisbane, 21 April) – Unearthed is focused on the resources sector.
  • Visagio Hackathon (Perth, 21 April) – UWAYE and Visagio partner up to host a global health hackathon at the University of Western Australia.
  • H2 Growth-Hackathon at Haymarket HQ (Sydney, 28-30 April) – Participants work together to growth hack for a real-life startup.
  • AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Sydney (Sydney, 29-30 April) – Hackathon that is not limited to one theme or challenge and is open to any ideas.
  • Content Hackathon (Brisbane, 30 April) – One day content hackathon where you can write up to a year’s worth of content for your startup, small business, or personal brand.
  • CAIxMIC Hackathon (Melbourne, 5 May) – Bring your idea, invention or innovation to the Melbourne Innovation Centre to get feedback from global leaders in innovation analysis.
  • AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Melbourne (Melbourne, 6-7 May) – Hackathon that is not limited to one theme or challenge and is open to any ideas.
  • #SheHacksVIC Melbourne Bootcamp (Melbourne, 7 May) – Prepare for the world’s largest all-female hackathon by learning the fundamental skills required to build a startup.
March 2017
  • PharmHack Melbourne (Melbourne, 3 March) – Bringing innovation to the pharmacy industry.
  • Datathon (Melbourne, 4-5 March) – Bringing inter-professional critical care trainees and clinicians (data novices to gurus), statisticians, data scientists and administrators together in the same room to tackle clinical problems with large datasets.
  • Sydney VR Hackathon (Sydney, 10-13 March) – BYO gear to the hackathon, then present to the Sydney VR Meetup Group.
  • UTS Ericsson Hackathon (Sydney, 16-17 March) – UTS and Ericsson are collaborating to host the Intelligent Transport Systems in Smart Cities Hackathon.
  • Techfugees (Brisbane, 17-19 March) – Develop creative tech solutions to help refugees settle into the Queensland community.
  • Female Football Week Hackathon (Sydney, 17-19 March) – Football Federation Australia, in partnership with Coder Factory Academy and Node Girls Australia, will be hosting the first digital Hackathon aimed at fostering and creating innovation for Women’s Football.
  • Codebrew (Melbourne, 17-19 March) – Details to come.
  • Fishburners Flight Centre Hackathon (Brisbane, 24 March) – Compete for $10k in prizes and an opportunity to work with Flight Centre.
  • HackerNest Melbourne March Tech Social (Melbourne, 28 March) – An agenda-free social event that connects local tech communities.
  • Girl Geek Sydney + HackAUS March Meetup (Sydney, 28 March) – Girl Geek Sydney and Hackathons Australia are teaming up for a joint meetup at Fishburners.
  • Breaking Law (Sydney, 31 March) – For UTS students only.

February 2017

  • Global Service Jam (Melbourne, 17 February) – Part of the global service jam program, this event will help you learn more about service design, UX, CX and more.
  • Minecraft for Children with Type 1 Diabetes (Brisbane, 17-19 February) – Hosted by Fishburners, this event gives children and their families the opportunity to play as a Minecraft character with Type 1 Diabetes and learn with no risk to their health.
  • Writally Bloghackathon (Spring Hill, Qld, 21 February) – A hackathon for bloggers and blogging. After all, it’s not just technology that can be hacked.
  • Challenging Inequality (Sydney, 21 February) – A 12 hour hackathon and pitch session at Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at UNSW.
  • Enabled by Design-a-thon (Sydney, 24 February) – Remarkable brings you Enabled by Design-athon – a two day action-packed hackathon-style event. Across 48 hours teams will hack solutions for everyday challenges as identified by people with disabilities, therapists and caregivers.
  • Hacking for Humanity (Melbourne, 25-26 February) – Girls in Tech are hosting.
  • MPID Healthcare Hackathon (Sydney, 25-26 February) – Macquarie Park Innovation District and NAB host this health focused event.
  • Data Driven Hackathon (Sydney, 25-26 February) – One for the data nerds.

January 2017

  • Unearthed (Melbourne, TBA) – The hackathon for the resources sector.
  • Xamarin Hack Day (Sydney, 14 January) – One day hackathon for Xamarin Developers or for people who want to learn Xamarin.

December 2016

  • The Telstra Cloud Hackathon (Melbourne, 9-11 December) – Free hackathon hosted by Telstra Cloud.
  • Xamarin Hack Day (Melbourne, 10 December) – One day hackathon for Xamarin Developers or for people who want to learn Xamarin.
  • Blockchain Virtual GovHack (virtual, registrations close 12 December) – Sponsored by the UAE Government with $140,000 in prizes, it’s worth pitching in your idea.
  • Free Money MicroHack (Sydney, 12-13 December) –  This Pollenizer backed program calls founders to apply to transform the fintech sector.

November 2016

  • WWF Designathon (Sydney, 19-20 November) – Create, innovate, and ideate around two big issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Food and Clean Energy.
  • Spotless Hack @ the G (Melbourne, 21-22 November) – Develop an IoT or data solution that will enhance Spotless’ customer experience.
  • InnovAGE (Melbourne, 25-27 November, 2016) – Hackathon to develop the next big thing in aged care.
  • CityHack16 (Brisbane, 25-27 November 2016) – Hackathon to cultivate technology solutions to some of our city’s most pressing challenges.
  • Gradhack (Sydney, 25-26 November) – Industrie IT hosts a hackathon where you can learn more about empathy, and build a way to reduce the empathy deficit.
  • Wagga Hack 4 Good (NSW, 25-27 November) – The Wagga Wagga community develop local partnerships to build a more innovative and prosperous city.
  • StartCon (Sydney, 26 November) – Hackathon associated with the Startup Conference.
  • Kingdom Hack (Wollongong, 26 November) – The first of what will be many amazing hackathons – Kingdom Hack kicks off their program in Wollongong.
  • Melbourne Summer Hackathon (Melbourne, 26-27 November) – Hackathon organised by Random Hacks of Kindness.
  • Sydney Summer Hackathon (Sydney, 26-27 November) – Hackathon organised by Random Hacks of Kindness.
  • Western Sydney Summer Hackathon (Western Sydney, 26-27 November) – Hackathon organised by Random Hacks of Kindness.
  • Cisco Virtual Hackathon Asia Pacific (Sydney, Melbourne, 15 November – 15 December) – A 2-month online challenge to develop or implement Cisco technologies into your app.
  • ZikaHACK (Sydney, November 2016-May 2017) – Hackathon for university students to develop early identification of disease outbreaks. Pitch submission followed by presentation in April.
  • TOM MedTech Makeathon (Melbourne, 28-30 November) – Bringing people with disabilities and makers together to develop open source assistive technology. Very cool.
  • Med_hack (Melbourne, 28-29 November) – Teams collaborate across different disciplines to solve important medical issues.
  • Engineering Disruption (Sydney, 28 November-1 December) – A special hackathon for UNSW students to work across disciplines to deliver a future we all want to live in.

October 2016

  • OneNote Hackathon (Sydney, 7 October) – Hackathon to build amazing notebooks.
  • Angular Hack Day (Melbourne, 8 October) – One day hack for developers or people who want to learn Angular.
  • ITS MasterCard Smart Cities Hackathon (Melbourne, 8-9 October) – Hackathon to build an intelligent transport solution.
  • GAPPS Project Hackathon (Sydney, 13-14 October) – A Thought Leadership Forum to bring together academics and practitioners with diverse experiences to share their knowledge and collaborate to build open source tools.
  • Flux (Sydney, 13-15 October) – Australia’s first hackathon to explore the future of human behaviour.
  • Unearthed Melbourne (Melbourne, 14-16 October) – Hackathon for the resources sector.
  • HealthHack (Sydney, 14-16 October) – Medical research hackathon.
  • HealthHack (Melbourne, 14-16 October) – Medical research hackathon.
  • HealthHack (Brisbane, 14-16 October) – Medical research hackathon.
  • HealthHack (Perth, 14-16 October) – Medical research hackathon.
  • HealthHack (Canberra, 14-16 October) – Medical research hackathon.
  • Lady Problems Hackathon (Sydney, 14-16 October) – Hackathon to create technology that will address the roadblocks that prevent female entrepreneurship.
  • TADHack (Brisbane, 15-16 October) – Part of the global event program, hosted at Oracle in Brisbane.
  • TADHack (Melbourne, 15-16 October) – Part of the global event program, hosted at Telstra’s Gurrowa Innovation Lab.
  • TADHack (Sydney, 15-16 October) – Part of the global event program, hosted at Telstra’s Muru-D.
  • Writally Bloghackathon (Brisbane, 18 October) – Writally aims to show you how to create an original blog post in record time.
  • Energy Hackathon (Melbourne, 21 October) – Unlock ideas, educate influencers and stimulate entrepreneurship in the energy industry worldwide.
  • H(R)ackathon (Sydney, 21-23 October) – Hackathon to solve broad human resources concerns.
  • Angular Hack Day (Brisbane, 22 October) – One day hack for developers or people who want to learn Angular.
  • AppHack (Adelaide, 23-25 October) – Solve a social, fitness or security problem in the form of a mobile app.
  • RMIT Teaching and Learning Open Conference and hackathon (Melbourne, 24-25 October) – Hackathon on Day 1 calling on folk with skills in programing and using data sets to graphically display meaning from data sets.
  • Questathon (Sydney, 22, 28-30 October) – Participants will work with entrepreneurs to come up with a range of products and services that can make a difference in our community – and they don’t necessarily need to be tech-based.
  • Sustainability Jam (Melbourne, 4-6 November) – An annual event that happens on the same weekend in cities across the world where teams are formed to work on real-world ideas with a focus on sustainability.
  • Immersive Hack (Sydney, 4-6 November) – Use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other immersive technologies to problem-solve, design and tell stories.
  • Angular Hack Day (Sydney, 5 November) – One day hack for developers or people who want to learn Angular.
  • TechFugees Australia Hackathon with Young People (Sydney, 5-6 November) – The tech community’s response to the current refugee problem.
  • Apps4autism Hackathon (Melbourne, 14-16 November) – Develop innovative solutions that enhance the lives of people on the spectrum and the autism community.
  • HackerNest Melbourne November Tech Social (Melbourne, 15 November) – Not a hackathon as such but more a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community.

September 2016

  • Sydney Hackastars (Sydney, 1-4 September) – Send a 1 minute pitch to apply for entry. $30k in prizes.
  • TechFugees (Sydney, 2-4 September) – The second round of the hackathon for refugees, this time hosted in Parramatta.
  • HaTCHathon (Sydney, 9-11 September) – User your skills, creativity and awesomeness to help solve some of the toughtest challenges facing health care today. Run by by Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Australia.
  • Pedestrian Safety Hackathon (Sydney, 9 September) – University of Sydney in conjunction with the NSW Data Analytics Centre.
  • Monash MYHack: Countering Violent Extremism (Melbourne, 9-11 September) – Mobilizing youth for CVE innovation.
  • AgriHack GRAIN (Sydney,16-18 September) – Hackathon that brings all agricultural influences together to tackle farming and social challenges.
  • MEDevice (Melbourne, 13 September – 4 October) – Medical innovation based hackathon for Melbourne university postgraduate students over 4 weeks.

August 2016

July 2016

  •  JusticeHack (Sydney, 18-20 July) – UNSW Law hackathon.
  • Retail Innovation PitchFest (Melbourne, entries due 22 July) – Event in August.
  • SheHacks (Melbourne, 22-24 July) – Australia’s first all female hackathon.
  • HISA HackingHealth (Melbourne, 25-27 July) – Part of the HIC 2016 conference.
  • GovHack (Various, 30-31 July) – Australia’s open gov event.
  • UniHack (Melbourne, 30-31 July) – Monash university hackathon.

June 2016

  • HunterHackFest (NTL, 10-11 June) – Open hackathon for Hunter Valley digital innovators.
  • Unearthed Adelaide – Hackathon for the resources sector.
  • AngelHack (Sydney, 18 June) – AngelHack’s 9th global hackathon series.

May 2016

  • Mental Health Hackathon (Perth, 20 May) – Australia’s first mental health hackathon.
  • Chronic Pain Australia (Sydney, 20 May) – Chronic pain solutions.
  • Random Hacks of Kindness (Sydney, 28 May) – Australia wide hackathon for social impact.
  • GivingBackathon (Perth, 19-20 May) – Hackathon to solve the local problems of Armidale.
  • Unearthed Perth (Perth, 19-21 May) – Develop prototype solutions to problems within the resource sector.
  • HunterHackFest (Newcastle, 19-20 May) – Prototype next-generation ideas and business concepts for Newcastle and the Hunter Region.
  • Give Backathon (Brisbane, 20-21 May) – Supporting indigenous not-for-profit organisations.
  • Writally Bloghackathon (Spring Hill, 23 May) – Aim to show you how to create an original blog post in record time, and empower you to publish so you can reach your potential customers with ease, build your authority, and gain a competitive edge.
  • Techfugees Adelaide (Adelaide, 26 May) – Help improve the lives of refugee families in Australia.
  • IDEATOR: Innovate the Future (Melbourne, 29-30 May) – Hackathon for any Monash student, alumni or staff with a focus on future jobs, food and energy.