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The Disruptor's Handbook is an innovative network of senior business professionals with a practical interest in digital transformation.
Gavin Heaton, Founder, Disruptor's Handbook

Gavin Heaton

Disruptor. Gavin is the Founder of the Disruptor’s Handbook, an innovative network of senior business professionals with a practical interest in digital transformation. He is also a member of the Orbits program, the influencer network of  award winning analyst and advisory firm, Constellation Research. Gavin advises firms on strategy, product development and innovation. Gavin is the Chair of youth not-for-profit organisation, Vibewire, is a published author, startup mentor and public speaker.

Joanne Jacobs, Co-founder, Disruptor's Handbook

Joanne Jacobs

Disruptor. Joanne is an award-winning digital strategist and company director.  She advises firms on executive management skills, digital change management and social data analysis.  She is on the Board of Code Club Australia, and she is a Director of word of mouth marketing firm, 1000heads, where she formerly served as Chief Operating Officer.

Leya Reid

Leya Reid

Disruptor. Leya specialises in digital media marketing and event coordination to prosper brand image and community receptiveness.

Suzie Graham

Suzie Graham

Disruptor. Suzie specialises in harnessing the potential of online enterprise systems to build communities, promote brands and raise revenue.

Katie Chatfield

Katie Chatfield

Disruptor. Katie is one of the country’s leading creative strategists. She knows no problem is too big to be defeated and has worked with global brands to transform their business.

Jenni Beattie, Disruptor

Jenni Beattie

Disruptor. Jenni specialises in social media strategy, online community engagement and participation, product development.

Right Time Innovation

When is the best time to innovate? We believe that “now” is always the right time to innovate. The question therefore is not when, but how.

Problems Worth Solving

We don’t fall in love with ideas. We look for problems worth solving. We spend time understanding and defining problems so that the solution becomes clearer to us all.

Disruptive Technology

We help build technology that will scale your solution. We bring our considerable product management experience to bear, helping to ensure that you are not building in isolation.

Collaborative Development

How do you build collaboratively? There are tools you can use, approaches you can take and processes to follow. We help you navigate the minefield to achieve success.

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