Innovate like a startup with our Accelerator-in-a-Box

Guided Startup Mentors Working with Your Teams

Proven Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Startups

Bring Innovation Skills Back Into Your Organization


Traditional approaches to R&D require significant resources and associated risk to your firm. But we are increasingly being challenged to deliver value to our stakeholders and customers. How is it possible to balance risk with reward while coping with the possibilities of imminent disruption?

With our Accelerator-in-a-Box, you can benefit from the value of innovation with a much reduced risk profile:

  • Startup-style business models that focus on market-product fit
  • Rapid prototyping, market validation and development of a minimum viable product
  • Work with our startup coaches to build confidence, capability and expertise in-house
  • Partner with startups in “aligned” industries


Innovation requires training – like cardio for the mind. Our program is designed to address your innovation fitness goals, including:

  • Inspiration and aspiration: Scheduled live and digital presentations, lectures and talks get your teams connecting the dots to between the innovation and your markets
  • Action coaching and resourcing: We assess your team’s skills and capabilities and structure a program to fill the gaps. This could include training, resourcing and coaching – all geared around delivering your product to market
  • Business alignment: We regularly assess progress and ensure there is alignment between your business goals and your accelerator programs. The aim is to produce outcomes not just outputs.


When it comes to innovation, we understand that the proof is in the pudding. We can work with or supplement your teams as needed. We can also source teams and partner with startups to help you bring the power of the crowd to your innovation project. Call us learn more.

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