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Latest News, Insight and Analysis from the Disruptor’s Handbook Team

Hacking for Social Impact with a Hackathon

There is plenty of interest in social innovation … and while we hear a lot about it (like most forms of innovation), we see precious little in terms of action or movement. We also hear a lot about hackathons and innovation programs, yet see talent, ideas,... read more

Hacking Data to Solve Social Challenges

They say that “data is the new oil” – that it is becoming the world’s most valuable resource. For years, policy makers have been capturing data and using it to make decisions – that’s the concept behind the Census. More recently, businesses and social... read more

Why We Are Helping Vibewire Hack4Homelessness

We believe: Big challenges require less time to solve than we imagine Teams with focused expertise can create better solutions than committees Together, we have all the resources we need to build, test and scale the solutions to wicked problems The best time to start... read more

Siemens #Digitalize2017 Conference Recap

The Siemens #Digitalize2017 Conference was held in Sydney on 30 August 2017, attracting over 400 people from across the Siemens client and partner base. The key themes included electrification – automation – digitalisation, but conversations and workshops... read more

IKEA Goes the Full Jon Snow

Back in 2015 I was invited to attend a secret workshop with a secret client in Denmark. Unfortunately, it was so secret, I couldn’t know who the client was. I couldn’t know where in Copenhagen I would be working. And there were no team profiles that could be shared.... read more

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