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Latest News, Insight and Analysis from the Disruptor’s Handbook Team

Australian Business Leaders – Be Like Jack

A few weeks ago I watched this YouTube video of a younger, Jack Ma, presenting in a non-descript room to a few colleagues. The presentation was from a time before Alibaba became the global ecommerce powerhouse that it is today. It was 1999 and Ma was setting a vision... read more

Innovating in Government: 5 Lessons from GDS

The challenge is service transformation. Not website redesign The last couple of years has seen a shift in direction for public services and their approach to digital transformation. Innovating in government, however, takes more than snappy tag lines and slogans. It... read more

The Disruption Trump Card

While Disruptor’s Handbook is an Australian company, we operate in a global market, and thus it is timely to consider the impact of President-elect Trump on the issue of disruption and innovation generally. Several commentators have already examined the innovation... read more

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